zaterdag 9 januari 2010

Travel Tips

How can you prepare your trip?

1) Do research before you go, of the places you are going to visit.
Find out about the different cultures, tourist attractions but also laws. Every country is different, it could save you from being fined or arrested.

2) Be safe and take a good insurance.
It is recommended to be covered for full medical attention especially when you are planning to do any sports. (for example: skiing) A visit to the doctor can be really expensive.

3) Start packing a week before you leave.
That way you won't forget anything and you can think about what you can leave behind if you have too much in your luggage.

4) Take a medical kit with you.
The food can be a lot different than your country and maybe you don't react well on the food, it is always safe to bring your own medication with you. Don't forget band aides in case you have blisters.

5) Get informed on vaccinations a couple months before you head off.

6) I recommend you to leave copies of your travel documents, visas, bank card details with someone back home.
If something happens they can reach you as soon as possible and if you lose your documents or they are stolen it is easier because you have all the details to hand. Another tip: You can scan it and email it to yourself.

Tips for during the trip.

7) When you arrive visit the tourism office.
You can ask for practical information, tourist attractions, good deals, and much more.

8) Be careful where and when you take photographs.
Especially when it is not official (unlike a tourist attraction) It could belong to the military and it is maybe not allowed to take pictures of a certain person or building.

9) Try to learn a couple of phrases of the local language.
Not all of the people speak English. If you need to ask basic things it is easier for the local people to know what you mean and they can help you further.

10) Try not to carry a lot of money with you.
If you only brought cash you can always put it in the safe of your hotel room. But try to rely more on credit cards and travellers checks.

11) Nothing is more valuable than your life.
A camera, purse, documents can be replaced, so don't fight back.

12) Before you leave your accommodation make sure you don't leave anything behind.
Triple check your room.

13) Never leave your drink unattended
It can be spiked.

14) Do not hitch hike.
You never know who is going to give you a ride.

15) Take note of emergency exits, stairways, fire escapes and emergency plans.
Then you know what to do in case of a fire or another tragic activity.

16) If you have complaints try to contact the travel agent as soon as possible, they will help you.

This is it for now,

Thanks for travelling with Ellylines :)

Sea lions in San Fransisco have vanished

Ever since 1989 the number of sea lions on Pier 39 were increasing. Because of the big number of sea lions they had to start remove all the boats on the pier, it left big open spaces where the sea lions could move in.

In November 2009 they have counted about 1500 sea lions. Now something misterious has happened, they are nearly all gone. They are not certain why but they think that they left for the winter and they will return in the spring. It was a big tourist attraction in San Fransisco. A lot of people came to the Pier 39 just to view the sea lions. Does it have something to do with the global warming? Will they come back? I will keep you posted.

What is Pier 39?

Pier 39 is located in San Fransisco, California, USA. Pier 39 is a shopping center built on a pier (like the name says itself). You can find shops there, restaurants, street performances, Marine Mammal Center, the Aquarium of the Bay. Pier 39 was first developed by entrepreneur Warren Simmons and opened October 4th, 1978.